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LUM Studio’s purpose is to help ignite purposeful, bold brands – those we serve and our own – that positively and measurably impact the experience of life. We do this by concepting, creating and implementing marketing and communications programs that benefit our clients and theirs; developing and providing fun, implementable training and instructional offerings; and supporting and engaging in community based and socially responsible initiatives that are important to our employees, clients, and ourselves.

how we work

1 | Goal Setting

LUM Studio deeply integrates within a business so that your marketing and communications programs are based on your specific business goals. When you request an initiative or new direction, we first push you to see how this relates to what you're trying to accomplish in the big picture. Having a partner that acts as a checks-and-balance to ensure your vision is met is invaluable. Additionally, we understand goals change, and that's why we believe in monthly check-ins and dynamic programs. These tools allow us to act quickly to adapt where necessary. For instance, has something happened in the marketplace or internally causing you to change course, have your customers’ needs changed, are your goals still realistic, did you already accomplish them? This helps to ensure you are continually moving forward in your market.

2 | Research & Planning

Once goals are set, we move on to conducting research and planning. We look into how we can make your goals happen, explore the market, and learn what your competitors are offering including associated costs and service. Although you might already have a strong understanding of your audience, we dig into your "best customer" including who they are, what they're interested in and their values. LUM Studio also challenges you to consider other groups or individuals that your product or service could provide value to. From here, we begin developing messaging themes about your product or service. An integrated strategy, including tactics that occur consecutively to maximize your ROI, is the final piece to help you get and stay in front of new prospects and existing customers.

3 | Implementation

Through the implementation process, you get to see all of your upfront, hard work come to life. This is where your prospective and existing customers learn about and interact with your brand. Implementation is based on your customized, integrated strategy and can include tactics such as website, advertising, search, content programs, social media, grass roots efforts, printed promotional and sales pieces, and much more. LUM Studio implements tools that allow you to engage and work with potential and existing customers collecting actionable feedback at every turn.

4 | Measurement

This is arguably the most critical piece of your program. Metrics shine a light on what we're doing right, what your audience is responding to, and what areas need a new strategy or direction. Although we have a strong understanding of tools and combinations that work, it’s not an exact formula. What works for one business doesn't always work for the next. Measurement, analytics and key point indicators allow a transparent and tangible view of the programs we've implemented. Additionally, it allows us to prove to our clients that programs you're spending money on are effective. With LUM Studio , you'll never have to question if your money is being well spent; we’ll show you it is!



LUM Studio partners with clients who are willing to be honest about where their brands have been and where they're going, and who are willing to take strategic, thoughtful action for the purpose of growth. We aim to improve the experience of life for our clients and our clients' clients by engaging in initiatives that are fun, honest, relatable, and positive.


Downtown Development Authority & David Street Station

"LUM Studio listened and learned about our specific goals and delivered a customized strategy to achieve them. As part of their ongoing efforts, LUM Studio provided a comprehensive but understandable results tracking system to hold all accountable and prove effectiveness. LUM Studio gave us the professional know-how, skills, organization and leadership that we didn't know we were capable of and set us up for substantial growth and continued success. Working with LUM Studio for our marketing and public relations needs was one of the best decisions we made as a growing organization."

- Kevin Hawley, Executive Director, Downtown Development Authority & David Street Station

WLC Engineering & Surveying


“LUM Studio has helped us streamline our business development (BD) efforts. Involved in most facets of WLC’s business development and marketing activities, LUM Studio ensures BD remains a priority, maintains and implements our brand standards, identifies new opportunities, develops and disseminates key messages and information, and keeps us on task. Additionally, the metrics LUM provides are critical in monitoring and adapting programs as well as keeping a pulse on ROI.”

- Brad Miskimins,
Marketing Director, WLC

United Way of Natrona County

"Making the decision to move from a full-time, internal marketing position to hiring a firm was difficult. Among our concerns was losing connection to and passion for our mission. However, in just a short time, we felt the connection/passion with LUM Studio and it only continues to grow. I feel extremely confident that they "get us" and truly care about our mission. This passion shows in every piece they create for our organization, elevating United Way of Natrona County’s marketing beyond our internal dreams. You can’t put a value on working with and having access to a diversely skilled, multi-talented team like LUM Studio offers. For a small organization with an equally sized budget to feel like we have a whole marketing team on staff, is incredible!!"

Anna Wilcox, Executive Director, United Way of Natrona County

We will ignight
We will ignight

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