LUM Studio has been fortunate to work with an assortment of clients across industries and geographic regions. The variety keeps us engaged through constant education and new experiences, allowing us the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge in several specific areas. While we will always welcome the opportunity to engage clients in a completely new field we continue to focus on the below areas.


Illuminating experience

Travel and lifestyle choices create great opportunity to experience passion, joy, and freedom. Simply put, they create lives worth living by allowing us to do the things we love and cultivate the experiences we desire. With quality of life deeply intertwined in our business, values, and history, we are passionate about telling the stories of brands that add to the enjoyment of life and expand our horizons.  Our travel and lifestyle team will customize a marketing and/or communications program that makes your brand stand out in this competitive industry.


Wyoming: the place our team calls home and offers us the lives we love and quality of life that is the foundation of LUM Studio. Because of this unwavering bond, we have made working with businesses and organizations in our communities a priority. We do things a bit different here and working with a team that understands Wyoming and the people that live here is indispensable. Our marketing plans and communications programs are always developed specific to your target audience and we know Wyoming.

Ignighting growth

Architecture, engineering and construction (A/E/C) are a necessity to our quality of life and vital to our safety and daily routines. But their impact is so easily and hugely taken for granted. Without infrastructure, utilities, and facilities that the A/E/C industries are responsible for, our quality of life would be interrupted and dramatically reduced. LUM Studio is dedicated to assisting A/E/C businesses streamline their internal and external communications and implement marketing programs that help them thrive and provide these critical services to their clients.

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