LUM Studio has been fortunate to work with an assortment of clients across industries and geographic regions. The variety keeps us engaged through constant education and new experiences, allowing us the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge in several specific areas. While we will always welcome the opportunity to engage clients in a completely new field we continue to focus on the below areas.


Illuminating experience

Travel and tourism choices provide great opportunity to experience passion, joy, freedom and create new memories. Simply put, they create lives worth living by allowing us to do the things we love and cultivate the experiences we desire. With quality of life deeply intertwined in our business, values, and history, we are passionate about telling the stories of brands that add to the enjoyment of life and expand our horizons. While not a small market, our travel and lifestyle team will customize a marketing and/or communications program that makes your brand stand out in this competitive industry. 

LŪM has deep experience with, and specializes in, travel and tourism industries. From travel agencies, to tourist attractions, to the ever-competitive world of hospitality, our team understands the audiences, needs, and importance of branding businesses and organizations which sell and support experiences 


It’s important that lifestyle businesses and organizations have a solid brand that connects with their audience and the life they want to leadOften times these brands have a particular challenge of not only connecting a certain product or service with a consumer, but a need to market and sell a “lifestyle” and subculture(s)These brands reflect certain day-to-day choices. They must be authentic, creative and connect with their audiences on a deeper, often more emotional level.  

Our diverse and experienced team can help you establish a new lifestyle brand, or enhance an existing one, that will resonate with your target audience(s)empowering them to connect or take action.  We’ll help you establish that emotional connection, that often leads to a shift in the way audiences champion your brand and demonstrate the value your brand adds to their day-to-day life.  


Wyoming: the place our team calls home and offers us the lives we love and quality of life that is the foundation of LUM Studio. Because of this unwavering bond, we have made working with businesses and organizations in our communities a priority. We do things a bit different here and working with a team that understands Wyoming and the people that live here is indispensable. Our marketing plans and communications programs are always developed specific to your target audience and we know Wyoming.

Ignighting growth

LŪM Studio understands the importance and impacts of energy-based businesses and organizations on our communities. With an ever-evolving atmosphere and a field that ebbs and flows with the economy, we recognize the unique challenges that the energy industries experience. Our team can provide creative, integrated marketing and communications strategies and solutions to reach target audiences, navigate the demand for high levels of accountability and provide reliable, understandable and transparent methods of communication with your audiences 

Our team has provided services to a wide range of energy-based trades such as wind, oil and gas, manufacturing, constructiongeotechnical engineering and more. As technology advances in these sectors, so does the need for more sophisticated marketing tactics. Our team knows how to communicate and reach a wide variety of audiences including stakeholders, developers, consumerslaw makers and the public.  Our skilled team has extensive experience in building awareness and creating demand for services and products while traversing through the unique pressures and high stakes situations in which energy-based businesses are engaged withIf you’re business or organization is seeking a results-driven, metrics-proven program, contact us to get started 

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