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LUM Studio partners with clients who are willing to be honest about where their brands have been and where they're going, and who are willing to take strategic, thoughtful action for the purpose of growth. We aim to improve the experience of life for our clients and our clients' clients by engaging in initiatives that are fun, honest, relatable, and positive.


Client | Wild Pony Coffee Co.

Wild Pony Coffee Co. is a small gourmet coffee shop located within Hat Six Travel Center, a well-known, highly frequented truck stop off I-25.

How do you promote a little-known gourmet coffee hut within an established, well-known truck stop? 

Established in 2017, Wild Pony Coffee Co. hired LUM Studio to develop marketing materials to be utilized on and off-site, to develop brand awareness, communicate important business information such as location and hours, highlight their loyalty program, and showcase menu items.

Following a deep dive strategy meeting, we developed an overall concept, created content and designed the following materials: onsite directional signage (“Order Here” and “Pick Up Here”), three different gas pump topper designs, a large banner to hang on-site and at events, a two-sided bookmark hand-out, one full-page and one half-page ad to utilize in various publications, and an a-frame board/signicade to station at each on-site entrance. LUM Studio sourced materials/vendors and managed the print process and final delivery of all design materials

As part of our project services, LUM Studio coordinated and managed a product photo shoot and edited photos as needed throughout the design process. Wild Pony Coffee Co. received nearly 100, edited photos to be used in marketing materials created by LUM Studio and other marketing efforts managed by Wild Pony Coffee, such as social media.

As a result of our initial project work, Wild Pony Coffee Co. hired LUM Studio to design a billboard for I-25 to boost promotion of the hut.


Client | United Way Of Natrona County

How do you help a well-known national brand establish a local identity and re-energize a long-standing funding campaign? 

LUM Studio was hired by United Way of Natrona County (UWNC) in April 2019 to provide project services that helped update and localize their brand identity.  A chief purpose was to create materials to increase awareness, interest, and conversion for UWNC’s development, campaign, event, and fundraising efforts.  United Way has a strong and recognizable brand worldwide. The challenge was to localize UWNC’s brand, while maintaining consistency with United Way’s national brand standards. Following a deep-dive strategy session, LUM Studio provided recommendations and standards to make UWNC’s brand relevant and interesting on a local level and provided a local Brand Guide, including key messages, to ensure this is carried out throughout all marketing and communications moving forward.  LUM Studio carried the new brand Guide into the redesign of UWNC’s website, creating a consistent, localized update that maintains United Way recognition. LUM Studio also offered insight, strategy and recommendations for new opportunities and enhanced communications with audiences and stakeholders via a Community Impact Survey, three testimonial videos, photography, and social media management. Finally, LUM Studio provided graphic design, media relations, and overall strategy and promotional support to re-energize UWNC’s long-standing annual workplace campaign.

As a result of our project work, UWNC hired LUM Studio for ongoing services, where we continue to provide overall and campaign specific strategy, creative, social media management, email marketing recommendations, media consulting, and website management and content development to further UWNC’s mission. 


Client | Stateline No. 7 Architects

How do you showcase the intricate work of a local architecture firm in a regional design competition? 

Stateline No. 7 Architects, a Casper-based architecture firm, hired LUM Studio in March 2019 to assist with photo selection and submittal design for two AIA Western Mountain Region Design Award submissions.  Our team reviewed approximately 125 photos of architectural features from two different projects: T-Square and David Street Station.  Following photo review and selection, LUM Studio edited approximately 20 of the photos utilized in the submissions. We then designed two custom portfolios highlighting the architectural features of each project.  Submissions were held to a number of standards that required careful layout considerations as well as a number of technical restrictions that our creative strategist and designer had to take into account. In the end, LUM Studio delivered a fresh, clean presentation of the architectural services Stateline No. 7 Architects provided on the two projects in downtown Casper.

As a result of our initial project work, Stateline No. 7 Architects hired LUM Studio to develop a third design award submittal—AIA Western Mountain Region Firm of the Year. Once again, adhering to submission standards, LUM Studio designed a highly visual portfolio that highlighted Stateline’s exceptional architecture services on projects throughout the region, as well as their history, community involvement and philanthropy.



How do you help a law firm establish an identity honoring its previous legacy, but set a new tone for the future? 

LUM Studio began working with Reece Law  in February 2019 to design and develop a modern yet simple logo to help establish the identity of Reece Law that could easily be reproduced and utilized for business cards, letterheadsignatureand all other visual components of the firm.  

Before design even began, LUM Studio held a deep-dive strategy meeting with Reece Law to learn what the client was looking for in a logo. 


LUM Studio listened and created a simple, modern, yet classic logo that Reece Law can grow with. We were inspired by the section symbol creating a subtle J and R within the logo; a design that can be incorporated on various collateral including business cards, letterhead, signage, and digital media.  



How do you create a recruitment funnel for an industry that is struggling nationally?

The Natrona County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) hired LUM Studio to develop a recruitment funnel including, various design and media materials, to assist the NCSO in attracting and securing high-quality law enforcement prospects within, but primarily outside Wyoming. Like most law enforcement agencies, the NCSO is experiencing low applicant rates. According to a recent Police Executive Research Forum survey, 63% of agencies that responded to the survey said the number of applicants for police officer positions had decreased, either significantly (36%) or slightly (27%), over the past five years.

Prior to working with LUM Studio, the NCSO identified several opportunities to attract new applicants outside the state of Wyoming but needed assistance with designing and creating materials to attract these prospective employees. During initial strategy discussions, we identified several materials needed to assist in these efforts, but also established a funnel to push these potential applicants through and track the success of the recruitment effort.

LUM Studio provided strategic messaging and positioning, high-impact photos and video, print/electronic versions of a recruitment booklet, and a landing page with detailed hiring information, a contact form, and links to more information. Since most of the applicants are not deeply familiar with Natrona County, we placed a heavy focus on promoting several important aspects of our area, like recreation and family life, as well as other key points important to the target audiences.

All materials push prospects to the landing page where contact information is collected, and interaction and engagement can be monitored and tracked. Through the contact form, potential applicants have the opportunity to be connected with NCSO colleagues, superiors or families to gather more information about working for the NCSO and living in Natrona County.

Throughout the project, we collaborated with several other agencies including the Casper Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (CACVB/Visit Casper) and Casper Area Chamber of Commerce to utilize existing assets and information about the area.

While many agencies are prioritizing recruitment efforts, the NCSO’s stands out because of the use of targeted, purposeful messaging; high quality, enticing photos and video; and carefully thought-out strategy, execution and tracking.




Together is Reliant’s Way of Life. Reliant Federal Credit Union serves more than 10,000 members by providing affordable financial services in a friendly, professional atmosphere.

How do you update an existing brand so that it remains recognizable to the current market and members while evolving it to feel more professional and representative of who the organization is?

Reliant Federal Credit Union hired LUM Studio to complete a branding update for the member-owned organization. Reliant FCU tasked our team to help them identify and define who the organization is today and update the brand to align with this outcome. However, Reliant FCU wanted to maintain their current logo and through the update remain recognizable to their markets and members. LUM Studio initiated the project by developing, distributing and analyzing results from both member and employee surveys. Questions gathered feedback on member and employee perception of the organization as well as insight on the current brand. Additionally, LUM Studio executed a Branding Workshop with seven mid and C-level team members to dig deep into many aspects of the organization including goals, challenges, audience, mission, values, vision and key differentiators.


Following the surveys and Branding Workshop, LUM Studio gained a solid idea of how the brand needed to evolve and be communicated. As part of the project, LUM Studio was tasked with expanding the color palette, creating key brand features, developing brand guidelines, and designing brochures, posters, social templates, email templates, e-signatures, rack cards, presentation folders, and magnets.



Established in 2007, Reeb Welding is a full-service welding and fabrication company that provides essential shop and field services. Reeb Welding has over 50 years of combined, diverse experience in the oil, gas, construction, manufacturing and specialty industries and currently provides services to Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Texas, New Mexico, and Idaho.  With attention to detail and a value-driven work ethic, Reeb Welding has an excellent reputation for high quality product and service, outstanding customer care and fair pricing.

How do you help a reputable energy company establish an expanded brand, identity and digital presence?   

Although Reeb Welding has been a successful business without utilizing typical business marketing tools, they did recognize the need and desire to reach their audiences through new methods.

LUM Studio was hired by Reeb Welding to create a customized marketing plan which included the development of a custom website, photography, monthly website content, new branded materials, and the creation and management of multiple social media platforms. The new website was created with the intention to disperse relevant information related to service and specialty areas, projects, experience and equipment, community involvement, certifications, and contact information. LUM Studio manages the website and social media platforms and creates new, relevant content each month about Reeb Welding and their projects. The content is then shared on three different social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Lastly, LUM Studio developed a booklet showcasing Reeb Welding’s specialty service areas, specifically their waterjet cutting technology.


The new website, establishment of social media platforms, and branded content and materials has helped contribute to the identity of Reeb Welding. Regular, relevant content has given them the ability to disperse targeted information about specialty services they wish to highlight for identified audiences. In turn, potential customers are now aware of services and specialty equipment.



Proud to Host the best is a Committee of passionate Casper-area residents working to ensure the Wyoming High School Activities Association (WHSAA) Culminating Championships continue to be hosted in Casper, Wyoming providing a positive economic impact on Natrona County, the City of Casper, our businesses and residents.

How do you update an organization’s logo and create a website communicating all the impacts they have on the community?  

The Proud to Host the Best (PHB) Committee hired LUM Studio in March 2019 to update the logo and to design and develop a website that provides relevant information to sponsors, donors, volunteers, students and attendees; increases organization awareness; and helps serve the mission of Proud to Host the Best. 

This Project included:  

  • Logo  – LUM Studio updated the Proud to Host the Best Committee logo.
  • Presentation Material Design & Content – LUM Studio created a presentation for speaking engagements with community service organizations, municipalities and the County. Utilizing PowerPoint, LUM Studio designed a clean, informative presentation to communicate the mission of the Proud to Host the Best  Committee; the impacts the tournaments have on the community, students, and their families; as well as ways the community can get involved.  The Presentation featured the newly designed PHB Logo and mixture of designed and stock photos.
  • Website  LUM Studio identified and customized a new Word Press template and purchased hosting for PHBThe site navigation focused othe Committee’s mission and history; the impacts the tournaments have on the community and on participants and their familiestournament datessponsorship opportunitiesvolunteer support, student scholarships, and contact information. Within each of these areas users can find information about the committee’s efforts to host the tournaments and provide a positive experience for students and their supporters as well as the Casper-area community.  

 One of the goals of the website was to secure sponsorship support and volunteer assistance.  With this in mind, LUM Studio incorporated a Sponsorship Interest form, including details on various Sponsorship Levels. The page also highlights sponsorship logos and testimony from supporters. Similarly, the Volunteer page offers a Volunteer Interest form for visitors that wish to stay up to date on volunteer opportunities associated with the events as well as a link to sign up for the upcoming tournament.  

 LUM Studio added other key features important to PHB including sponsorship and scholarship forms, a volunteer interest form (including a link to sign up for the upcoming events) and also incorporated infographics and social media links and embedded PHB’s Facebook page on the site. Lastly, LUM Studio set up and connected a Google Analytics to track user demographics, acquisition and behavior. 


The updated logo contributes to the identify of the Proud to Host the Best Committee and a clean, functional website that allows them to continually promote the Championships, while securing the assistance they need to continue to host these important events.   


Client | Senior Patient Advocates

Helping seniors understand and navigate the healthcare system.

How Do You Grow Brand Awareness & Secure More Clients in a 55+ Demographic?

Facebook of course. Hey, don't jump to conclusions yet. Senior Patient Advocates (SPA) helps seniors, those disabled, and anyone trying to assist them access, understand and navigate the healthcare system. When we began working with SPA in 2016, they we helped identify goals of growing brand awareness and client leads. They had an existing marketing and communications program, including a new website, in place but were looking for something more to help meet these goals. As it stood, the website was fairly ineffective for converting leads. Enter Facebook. While Facebook didn't immediately seem like the first place we should look, this tool quickly rose to the surface.  With 55+ people as Facebook's highest growing demographic, we utilized the social media site to push people from Facebook to SPA's website. Prior to our partnership, SPA's Facebook page had 63 followers. Following the implementation of a Facebook program, we implemented a content program on the website that included weekly posts about topics important to the 55+ demographic and relevant to SPA's services. This allowed us to push people to SPA's site from Facebook, showcase SPA's knowledge and experience, and establish credibility as a resource for Medicare, healthcare and supplemental insurance for seniors, patient advocacy, and other similar topics.


LUM Studio continued work with SPA on both their Facebook and content programs as well as other special projects. As of September 2017, within SPA's target demographics we increased Facebook likes by 610%, reach by 12,000% and engagement by 200%; increased website users by 200% and page views by 520%; and created dozens of new leads each month for SPA.


Client | David Street Station

Click here view David Street Station videos


How do you get a community to show up for new events and activities by the thousands at a new venue and support operations monetarily?

LUM Studio was hired by David Street Station in April 2018 to provide full-integration services and design a custom marketing and communications program. David Street Station is a community gathering space in Casper developed to help reinvigorate downtown by bringing residents and visitors to the area for events and activities. The brand was originally developed by a consulting firm, but no plan for implementation was created. LUM Studio held a deep dive meeting with David Street Station employees to understand the brand, purpose of the venue, long term vision, and goals of the organization. During this meeting, LUM Studio and David Street Station also set objectives and identified key point indicators to track the effectiveness of the program. From there, the custom marketing and communications program was developed. The inbound marketing program includes ongoing strategy development and implementation, media and public relations, content development and management, e-mail marketing, design and creation of various marketing materials, advertising buys and management, social media and ongoing brand awareness, engagement and conversion. Included in this program, LUM Studio facilitated the creation of testimonial videos and shared them through various mediums including social media. The result of these testimonial videos demonstrates the link between video content and consumer engagement. The video testimonies yielded approximately 50% higher engagement than static posts of similar nature.  LUM Studio tracked and monitored all key point indicators on its custom dashboard. David Street Station has inspired great economic development in the downtown area through new businesses and job creation. The events and activities offered have attracted more visitors to Downtown Casper resulting in greater foot traffic and patronage to downtown businesses.


As a result, LUM Studio increased Facebook likes by 222%, reach by 111%, engagement by 390%; Instagram followers by 157%; Twitter impressions by 228%; web site page users by 265%; website page views by 539%; and search acquisition on google by 657%. This and other work resulted in thousands of dollars in sponsorships and contributions and more than 400,000 visitors in the first year of operations.



Peak Rescue is a top training team for industry, confined space, and mountain rescue. Their mission to provide their clients with cutting edge skills and education to prevent catastrophe. They offer a wide range of courses as well as customized curriculum.

How do you help a rescue training company promote their courses?

Peak Rescue hired LUM Studio to create a catalog of courses and schedules to be mailed out to prospective clients. The five-page branded mailer showcased Peak Rescue’s company information, specialty areas, photographs, a list of 2019 courses and contact information. LUM Studio assisted with print sourcing to ensure the mailer was printed at the highest quality.



Visit Casper is a joint powers council whose mission is to enhance the economic base of Natrona County through tourism. Its primary objective is to encourage more and longer visitor stays through marketing programs aimed at the convention/meeting, individual, motorcoach and special events markets.

How do you ensure that voters understand the impact and benefit of a tax they’re responsible for passing and has significant economic benefit to our community?

LUM Studio began working with Visit Casper in August of 2018 to provide overall strategy and influence local perception about Visit Casper and the impacts and benefits of tourism on the local community.

For the first initiative, LUM Studio executed the Lodging Tax Education Effort. Every four years, Natrona County voters are presented the opportunity to pass the Natrona County Lodging Tax. The monies from this tax are used for advertising and promotion of Natrona County. LUM Studio created a multi-media campaign to educate voters on what the Lodging Tax is, that they should expect to see it on the ballot, how they don’t actually pay this tax in most cases, and the impact and benefits of the tax to our community. This campaign included:

  • Presentation Material Design & Content – LUM Studio created a presentation and support materials for a speaking tour with all municipalities, the County, and community service organizations.
  • Messaging – LUM Studio developed messaging to utilize throughout the 2018 Lodging Tax Education Effort to keep all stakeholders, influencers and communicators on the same key points.
  • Influencer Outreach – Along with Visit Casper, LUM Studio identified a group of influencers to contact to help share messaging as well as secured six key influencers to assist with media relations and advertising.
  • Media Relations – LUM Studio secured an Op Ed for Visit Casper and wrote six Letters to the Editor for key influencers. LUM Studio worked with the influencers to finalize the Letters and submitted them on their behalf.
  • Social Media – We created and grew a private “Friends of Natrona County Tourism” Facebook group. Participants were influencers in the community and tourism proponents. LUM Studio created a content calendar for the 10 weeks leading up to election day. Content included many of the Visit Casper successes, projects, grant recipients, and stories from the six key influencers. Additionally, existing Visit Casper video was used to share three of these influencer’s testimonies. We then shared content to the “Friends of Natrona County Tourism” page and asked for friends to share on their personal and business pages.
  • Radio Advertising – LUM Studio purchased and managed radio buy for key influencers to call in and have discussions about what the lodging tax is and why it’s important to them. We opted for call-ins instead of ad spots because they felt more natural and relatable.

Following the successful passage of the tax, LUM Studio assisted with the preparation of the Visit Casper’s strategic plan. Visit Casper’s Strategic Plan includes goals, direction and KPIs for all areas of its business. It is the guiding document for the organization.

Next, LUM Studio created an Annual Report for Visit Casper to utilize to show goals, efforts, accomplishments and upcoming priorities to its board, stakeholders, and the local community. The Annual Report included images, infographics and content to communicate the efforts of the previous year and layout priorities for the future. Additionally, LUM Studio developed a presentation to be given locally during National Travel & Tourism Week. This presentation showcased the strides Visit Casper made the previous year.


All materials followed Visit Casper’s brand guidelines. This effort resulted in increased brand awareness for Visit Casper and the Lodging Tax, participation of 39 influencers, a Facebook reach of over 46,000, and the 2018 Lodging Tax passing at 76.6%, 7.32% higher than the previous election. Efforts are ongoing and continue to positively influence the local community.



Advanced Geotechnical Solutions (AGS) is a full-service geotechnical engineering company specializing in state-of-the-art exploration and engineering analyses to better understand soil and rock prior to construction.

How do you update an organization’s logo and create a website communicating all the impacts they have on the community?  

LUM Studio was hired by AGS to develop a custom program that included website updates, content implementation on the website, and a social media program. Working with AGS to develop relative, engaging content through recent projects and relevant industry information has increased the traffic to AGS’ website by 209%. Developing a consistent social media program through LinkedIn and Facebook has increased company awareness. Finally, performing regular updates to the website and building in proper SEO and keywords has resulted in a higher ranking in search results.



How do you increase awareness and support of a local nonprofit?

Platte River Trails Trust (PRTT) is a Casper-based nonprofit whose mission is “to develop a river pathway while preserving the scenic, natural and historic value of the North Platte River, and to assist with the development of a network of trails that contribute to our community’s non-motorized transportation options, economic vitality and quality of life.” PRTT hired LUM Studio in April 2019 to help increase awareness and support for the organization’s mission and programs through on-going services.

The LUM Studio team creates print and digital design materials to increase awareness, interest, and conversion for PRTT’s development, event, and fundraising efforts. In addition, we manage PRTT’s website and social media accounts and enhance communications with audiences and stakeholders through content development and media relations. We also make recommendations to help increase brand awareness, promote and support PRTT events and initiatives, and secure donors and sponsorships.  LUM Studio handles all vendor sourcing and coordination of print materials, including the Outdoor Explorer Kit, the Year-End Giving Campaign, the 2019 Annual Report, Riverfest stickers, t-shirts, banners and signs, as well as various other marketing materials.  In addition, we provide photography and video services when requested, ensuring the beauty of Casper’s trail system is promoted thoughtfully and professionally.


Client | WLC Engineering & Surveying

WLC Engineering and Surveying is an award-winning civil and geotechnical engineering, land surveying, materials testing, grants writing, and GIS firm serving public and private sector clients across Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain region.

How do you grow a business in a state market that isn't growing?

Established in 1948, WLC is a civil and geotechnical engineering, materials testing, land surveying, GIS, and grants writing firm with three offices in Wyoming. WLC has grown from a two-man firm to around 30 employees. LUM Studio is deeply rooted in WLC's business and marketing operations. Leading WLC's ongoing strategic planning process, LUM Studio works with WLC's team to develop and track annual projections and client, project, service and market trends that assist the company in identifying and adapting its overall direction. Based on this direction, LUM Studio works to grow brand awareness and engagement through public relations, SEO, advertising, sponsorship, and website efforts; identifies, vets, and seeks new opportunities and partnerships; and writes and designs marketing and sales materials that drive new leads and secure new clients.



Client | Earth Circus Productions

Earth Circus Productions was founded in 1989 as non-profit, 15-member circus/theatre troupe that taught theatre, dance and performed around the world. Since establishing, Earth Circus has gained recognition and evolved into a highly acclaimed company that provides world class, customized, innovative entertainment from their San Francisco area headquarters, around the globe. Through insight-driven entertainment, enabled by high-quality talent and in-house creative design and production, Earth Circus Productions takes a vision and creates magic. Providing custom designed shows and interactive entertainment for some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations including Google, Apple, Netflix, Facebook, Genentech, LinkedIn and more.

How do you grow brand awareness and secure more corporate clients?

LUM Studio was hired by Earth Circus Productions to manage and organically grow their social media presence, primarily Instagram. The focus of the content has been to target and gain exposure with corporate clients who seek professional entertainment and event production for their events, galas and the like. Since February 2019, LUM Studio has organically grown Instagram followers by 102%, reach by 623% and secured numerous shares from notable influencers and corporation. LUM Studio continues to provide social media management services and is currently developing a new website and branded materials to be unveiled in late 2020.


Client | Imperfect Edges

Imperfect Edges is a personal growth brand providing workshops, topic-focused courses, 1-on-1 collaboration, online courses, speaking, content and more.

How do You Move an Idea into a Business & Brand?

Imperfect Edges came to LUM Studio with an idea and big vision. To create direction for the brand, we held a visioning and goal-setting session where we identified priorities, hopes, needs, values, brand descriptors and voice, products and offerings and realistic goals. From there, we created a roadmap for the next year including every task, event and promotional tool that would take place, the budget for each, and the timeframe and deadline for task completion. A branding audit was completed based on the direction from the visioning and roadmap. Promotional tools came next and include blog tools such as an editorial calendar and content maps; organic and paid social media initiatives; search enhancements; lead magnet tools; and the creation of a monthly e-newsletter. With these tools Imperfect Edges was able to execute successful, ongoing marketing and communications efforts.


Client | Sara Hastreiter

Sara Hastreiter, the international adventurer, professional sailor and popular athlete, has spent the last 14 years of her life dedicated to global exploration. She has committed much of her inspirational reputation for humanitarian and environmental good while exploring the world’s most beautiful and insightful features. Sara appreciates every opportunity she's been able to experience and uses her responsibilities as a role model to create as much positivity in the world as possible. In early January 2019, Sara and World Hope International announced a partnership for a world record attempt to become to the first woman in history to achieve sailing the seven oceans and climbing the highest peak on each continent (7 Seas / 7 Summits). To date, Sara has sailed all 7 seas and has 4 peaks remaining to complete her record. In her remaining summits, Hastreiter has selected World Hope as her charity of choice in support of building water wells in underserved regions.

How do you help a female athlete and adventurer stay connected to her audiences while away on long expeditions without access to the digital world?

A satellite communication device, blog and social media of course!

While Sara is out at sea, high above the skyline on beautiful peaks, or training for her next attempt, LUM Studio creates blog content and manages her social media platforms to keep her fans connected with the latest and greatest. Through satellite tracking and messaging software, Sara sends abbreviated updates to the LUM Studio team to create content from, and share out to the world! We’re thrilled to continue this partnership… to advocate and cheer for Sara as she makes history! #7Seas7Summits


Client | Sweetwater Transit Authority Resources (STAR) Supplemental Funding Study

The Sweetwater Transit Authority Resources (STAR) is the only public transportation provider in Sweetwater County.

How do you ensure funding availability and security for a critical public transportation provider that is experiencing annual operational losses?

Providing over 44,000 rides in FY16/17, STAR is predominantly funded with contributions from the County and the Cities of Rock Springs and Green River which are in turn used to match grants from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). STAR experienced an operational loss in FY 16/17 and anticipated another loss in FY 2017/2018. These operational losses were primarily due to cuts in funding from the local governments.

Realizing this was an unsustainable model, STAR hired the LUM Studio/WLC Engineering and Surveying Team to perform a supplemental funding study to identify new funding opportunities. Our team examined 11 major, outside funding sources and developed a matrix that assessed the ability to implement, estimated revenues, and identified pros and cons, variability of the revenue source, and requirements and restrictions. The LUM Studio Team provided the detailed steps needed to place the measure before the electorate and the requirements STAR would be subject to if the proposition passed. The LUM Studio team also examined internal funding options available to STAR. These options included advertising, bulk ticket promotion, contract services, corporate grants, fundraising, rentals and charters. Recommendations were developed for each of these options.


Upon completion of our report, STAR officials met with the local governmental entities that provide the agency funding to discuss the financial challenges and how those challenges were negatively impacting STAR’s clients, who are often the areas most underprivileged. As a result of these meetings, all three of the local governments that provide funding to STAR increased their contributions to ensure could positively operate.

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