Client | Casper Area Chamber of Commerce

How do you rebuild and redesign a website with a focus of making long-term management and maintenance easier?

The Casper Area Chamber of Commerce hired LUM Studio to develop and design a new WordPress website for the agency. The existing website was in a cumbersome developer platform and the CACC wanted to be able to update and maintain the website primarily in house. A critical piece of the project was integrating WordPress with Chamber Master, an industry program the CACC utilizes to manage, communicate with and fulfill obligations to members. Additionally, LUM’s purpose was to design a user-friendly, easily navigable, and straightforward WordPress website; allow the CACC to better communicate important business offerings, event(s), member and contact information; capture a younger demographic; and include responsive formatting so the site adapts to the user’s device.

LUM kicked off the project by facilitating a strategy meeting to get all team members on the same page and move the project forward. Following the meeting, LUM developed site navigation and completed a content and photo inventory to direct the CACC on the assets needed to start the site design. (Pro Tip: Developing your own content and providing images is a great way to reduce the costs of a website project.) Once the CACC provided all requested materials, LUM started Phase 1 of the website design and development. LUM utilizes a phased approach to website design and development to reduce change and editing costs as well as expedite the schedule. Subsequently, LUM completed Phases 2 and 3 before making the site live. Once the site was approved and viewable by the public, LUM developed and provided the CACC an instruction manual including how to update information, images, sections, pages, etc. LUM continues to work with the CACC on an ongoing basis to host the site and help direct marketing strategy.