Client | David Street Station

How do you get a community to show up for new events and activities by the thousands at a new venue and support operations monetarily?

LUM Studio was hired by David Street Station in April 2018 to provide full-integration services and design a custom marketing and communications program. David Street Station is a community gathering space in Casper developed to help reinvigorate downtown by bringing residents and visitors to the area for events and activities. The brand was originally developed by a consulting firm, but no plan for implementation was created. LUM Studio held a deep dive meeting with David Street Station employees to understand the brand, purpose of the venue, long term vision, and goals of the organization. During this meeting, LUM Studio and David Street Station also set objectives and identified key point indicators to track the effectiveness of the program. From there, the custom marketing and communications program was developed. The inbound marketing program includes ongoing strategy development and implementation, media and public relationscontent development and management, e-mail marketing, design and creation of various marketing materials, advertising buys and management, social media and ongoing brand awareness, engagement and conversion. Included in this program, LUM Studio facilitated the creation of testimonial videos and shared them through various mediums including social media. The result of these testimonial videos demonstrates the link between video content and consumer engagement. The video testimonies yielded approximately 50% higher engagement than static posts of similar nature.  LUM Studio tracked and monitored all key point indicators on its custom dashboard. David Street Station has inspired great economic development in the downtown area through new businesses and job creation. The events and activities offered have attracted more visitors to Downtown Casper resulting in greater foot traffic and patronage to downtown businesses.


As a result, LUM Studio increased Facebook likes by 222%, reach by 111%, engagement by 390%; Instagram followers by 157%; Twitter impressions by 228%; web site page users by 265%; website page views by 539%; and search acquisition on google by 657%. This and other work resulted in thousands of dollars in sponsorships and contributions and more than 400,000 visitors in the first year of operations.