Client | Earth Circus Productions

Earth Circus Productions was founded in 1989 as non-profit, 15-member circus/theatre troupe that taught theatre, dance and performed around the world. Since establishing, Earth Circus has gained recognition and evolved into a highly acclaimed company that provides world class, customized, innovative entertainment from their San Francisco area headquarters, around the globe. Through insight-driven entertainment, enabled by high-quality talent and in-house creative design and production, Earth Circus Productions takes a vision and creates magic. Providing custom designed shows and interactive entertainment for some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations including Google, Apple, Netflix, Facebook, Genentech, LinkedIn and more.

How do you grow brand awareness and secure more corporate clients?

LUM Studio was hired by Earth Circus Productions to manage and organically grow their social media presence, primarily Instagram. The focus of the content has been to target and gain exposure with corporate clients who seek professional entertainment and event production for their events, galas and the like. Since February 2019, LUM Studio has organically grown Instagram followers by 102%, reach by 623% and secured numerous shares from notable influencers and corporation. LUM Studio continues to provide social media management services and is currently developing a new website and branded materials to be unveiled in late 2020.