Client | Imperfect Edges

Imperfect Edges is a personal growth brand providing workshops, topic-focused courses, 1-on-1 collaboration, online courses, speaking, content and more.

How do You Move an Idea into a Business & Brand?

Imperfect Edges came to LUM Studio with an idea and big vision. To create direction for the brand, we held a visioning and goal-setting session where we identified priorities, hopes, needs, values, brand descriptors and voice, products and offerings and realistic goals. From there, we created a roadmap for the next year including every task, event and promotional tool that would take place, the budget for each, and the timeframe and deadline for task completion. A branding audit was completed based on the direction from the visioning and roadmap. Promotional tools came next and include blog tools such as an editorial calendar and content maps; organic and paid social media initiatives; search enhancements; lead magnet tools; and the creation of a monthly e-newsletter. With these tools Imperfect Edges was able to execute successful, ongoing marketing and communications efforts.