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Helping seniors understand and navigate the healthcare system.

How Do You Grow Brand Awareness & Secure More Clients in a 55+ Demographic?

Facebook of course. Hey, don't jump to conclusions yet. Senior Patient Advocates (SPA) helps seniors, those disabled, and anyone trying to assist them access, understand and navigate the healthcare system. When we began working with SPA in 2016, they we helped identify goals of growing brand awareness and client leads. They had an existing marketing and communications program, including a new website, in place but were looking for something more to help meet these goals. As it stood, the website was fairly ineffective for converting leads. Enter Facebook. While Facebook didn't immediately seem like the first place we should look, this tool quickly rose to the surface.  With 55+ people as Facebook's highest growing demographic, we utilized the social media site to push people from Facebook to SPA's website. Prior to our partnership, SPA's Facebook page had 63 followers. Following the implementation of a Facebook program, we implemented a content program on the website that included weekly posts about topics important to the 55+ demographic and relevant to SPA's services. This allowed us to push people to SPA's site from Facebook, showcase SPA's knowledge and experience, and establish credibility as a resource for Medicare, healthcare and supplemental insurance for seniors, patient advocacy, and other similar topics.


LUM Studio continued work with SPA on both their Facebook and content programs as well as other special projects. As of September 2017, within SPA's target demographics we increased Facebook likes by 610%, reach by 12,000% and engagement by 200%; increased website users by 200% and page views by 520%; and created dozens of new leads each month for SPA.