How do you help a newly established business in the construction and design industries establish a brand that represents their unique and specialized services?

LUM Studio began working with Tandem Design + Build to establish a brand that represented their unique business approach in their industry. Before the logo design began, LUM Studio held a branding workshop to help Tandem Design + Build identify and develop their core values and brand personality. Once these were established, our team worked closely with Tandem Design + Build to develop their logo and color palette. The logo concept was based on the concept of Tandem meaning “two.” Tandem Design + Build wanted clients to know they were different from other companies because they ensure their process is efficient and fun. To reflect this idea, the colors are bright and the font is simple and modern.

In addition to the workshop and logo design, LUM Studio assisted with creating and printing new business cards. Tandem Design + Build’s new logo was designed to be easily repurposed onto their letterhead, e-signatures and other visual components.


LUM Studio listened and created a modern and dynamic logo that reflected Tandem Design + Build’s values and personality. We assisted with designing business cards and creating a landing page to showcase Tandem Design + Build’s brand colors, logo and important contact information.