Client | United Way of Natrona County

How do you help a well-known national brand establish a local identity and re-energize a long-standing funding campaign? 

LUM Studio was hired by United Way of Natrona County (UWNC) in April 2019 to provide project services that helped update and localize their brand identity.  A chief purpose was to create materials to increase awareness, interest, and conversion for UWNC’s development, campaign, event, and fundraising efforts.  United Way has a strong and recognizable brand worldwide. The challenge was to localize UWNC’s brand, while maintaining consistency with United Way’s national brand standards. Following a deep-dive strategy session, LUM Studio provided recommendations and standards to make UWNC’s brand relevant and interesting on a local level and provided a local Brand Guide, including key messages, to ensure this is carried out throughout all marketing and communications moving forward.  LUM Studio carried the new brand Guide into the redesign of UWNC’s website, creating a consistent, localized update that maintains United Way recognition. LUM Studio also offered insight, strategy and recommendations for new opportunities and enhanced communications with audiences and stakeholders via a Community Impact Survey, three testimonial videos, photography, and social media management. Finally, LUM Studio provided graphic design, media relations, and overall strategy and promotional support to re-energize UWNC’s long-standing annual workplace campaign.

As a result of our project work, UWNC hired LUM Studio for ongoing services, where we continue to provide overall and campaign specific strategy, creative, social media management, email marketing recommendations, media consulting, and website management and content development to further UWNC’s mission.