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A Brand Is a Promise to Your Customer

A promise for what you stand for, what you offer, and how you will serve your customer. You must ask yourself who you are, who you want to be, and who do people perceive you to be. Purpose, design, message, voice, and strategy must cohesively come together to create a brand that engages and moves people. Beyond strategy, it is the first step, and arguably most important, in your marketing and communications program. If it is done wrong or incomplete, all other layers in your program can be jeopardized.


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interested in creating or redefining your brand?

LUM Studio plans and facilitates Branding Workshops to help new brands or those wanting to redefine themselves understand who you are, what you value and where you’re headed. These custom and interactive workshops also consider what the market needs and will respond to, and how your brand will fit into that. You will leave the Branding Workshop with a stronger identity and clearer picture of how to present and maintain your brand.

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