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Your website should be the core of all you do.

It is one of the few places where you have total control over the story, narrative and brand execution. It attracts new consumers, secures the interest and consideration from prospects in your funnel and offers a community and benefits to existing customers. The design must entice and impress, and the messaging must be clear, strategic and valuable. Updates, maintenance and management need to remain a top priority to ensure the site continues to meet the needs of your users. LUM Studio has skilled website designers and digital specialists to ensure no piece of your website is left behind. Whether you need a site custom designed or a new team to step in and get things on the right track with an existing site, LUM Studio will work with you to ensure your site is a strong reflection of your business and core of your marketing program.


Through content development and distribution, social posts, review creation and management, link sharing and many other tools, you bring users to your site and guide them through an experience that helps them learn, interact, and convert. Combined with search engine optimization, these things can make your website your most powerful marketing asset. Today, search engine optimization is a critical piece to successfully meeting your marketing goals and getting new users to your site. Search engine algorithms are based on many more indicators than simply including keywords in content when you develop your site. While these are important, keywords must be monitored and maintained, and the time users spend on your site and whether they found the information relevant and useful is equally important.

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