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The LUM Studio story is just a little bit different.

It all started when...


...we began developing a business concept to create an integrated marketing and communications firm in Casper, Wyoming that would develop custom programs for clients based on their specific needs and include measurement tools to prove the effectiveness of the effort. While we did this, we worked to create a unique culture prioritizing the experience of life, flexibility, hard work, and courageous actions.


You'll see these throughout all areas of our business, values, and everything we do. They're part of how we manage our clients and projects, work with you, run our business, and collaborate with employees and independent contractors. See, we look at this like a funnel that starts with our employees and business and flows all the way through to our clients' customers.


We create an environment that offers flexibility to work when each individual is most creative and efficient; supports courageous innovation and big thoughts that lead to new and effective ideas and initiatives; pushes people to do better; and encourages them to experience and engage in all the things they love and that interest them. Through this process we cultivate a happy, healthy, strong and smart team, that works hard and is invested in getting our clients big results.


In 2020, we rebranded to LUM Studio as our vision and direction changed and elevated. Through these pages you'll find more about our clients, how we work and the industries we serve. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We'd love the opportunity to visit with you.


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