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Our Story



The LUM Studio story is just a little bit different.

It all started when...


...we began developing a business concept to create an integrated marketing and communications firm in Casper, Wyoming that would develop custom programs for clients based on their specific needs and include measurement throughout all tools to prove the effectiveness of the effort. While we did this, we worked to create a unique culture prioritizing the experience of life, flexibility, hard work, and courageous actions.


You'll see these throughout all areas of our business, values, and everything we do. They're part of how we manage our clients and projects, work with you, run our business, and collaborate with employees and independent contractors. See, we look at this like a funnel that starts with our employees and business and flows all the way through to our clients’ customers.


We create an environment that offers flexibility to work when each individual is most creative and efficient; supports courageous innovation and big thoughts that lead to new and effective ideas and initiatives; pushes people to do better; and encourages them to experience and engage in all the things they love and that interest them. Through this process we cultivate a happy, healthy, strong and smart team, that works hard and is invested in getting our clients big results.


In 2020, we rebranded to LUM Studio as our vision and direction changed and elevated. Through these pages you’ll find more about our clients, how we work and the industries we serve. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We'd love the opportunity to visit with you.


Things you don't do in the dark

Don't do your marketing in the dark. LŪM Studio: IlLŪMinating Brighter, Bolder Brands.💡

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Our Purpose and values

LUM Studio’s purpose is to help ignite purposeful, bold brands – those we serve and our own – that positively and measurably impact the experience of life. We do this by concepting, creating and implementing marketing and communications programs that benefit our clients and theirs; developing and providing fun, implementable training and instructional offerings; and supporting and engaging in community based and socially responsible initiatives that are important to our employees, clients, and ourselves.

  • IMPROVE the experience of life for our clients, clients’ clients, team, partners, and community by engaging in projects and initiatives that are fun, honest, relatable, and positive.
  • PUSH ourselves, accept challenges, and produce results that create loyalty and referrals.
  • CULTIVATE and nurture an environment that inspires creativity, courage, boldness, purpose, and engagement.
  • EDUCATE and promote better marketing and communications tactics and measurement in Wyoming and beyond.
  • VALUE relationships as our greatest asset. Let honesty, transparency, fairness, empathy, and the desire to provide exceptional effort and quality be the core.
  • OFFER flexibility and freedom that promotes the most efficient and effective outcome for our clients and team.
  • OPENLY and honestly share information with our clients, team, and community to better the experience, capabilities and knowledge of all involved.
  • DO what you say you will. Simple as that.
  • EXPERIENCE more fun, engagement, and excitement than frustration, boredom, or annoyance. If it’s the other way, it’s time to move on.



Here at LUM Studio we view our people as more than just human resources. We are a team with individual passions and talents that bring rich value to our clients. We are a team of experts from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, dedicated to doing our best and enjoying the process. We believe in working hard, but also prioritizing family and life outside the office.



Leah Reeb Varela |


Leah has worked in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors in Wyoming, across the United States and internationally for the previous 14 years. She has extensive experience in the local, state and federal government sectors, private consulting, business development and marketing. Leah’s passion includes working with brands that provide a unique quality of life to their users. Leah’s expertise includes business and sales process best practices, social media strategy and implementation, program development and management, economic development, event planning, and public and media relations. Leah’s B.S. is in Political and Social Science. She received her Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Wyoming in 2008. Leah currently serves on the board of Advance Casper, Wyoming Food For Thought Project and the Casper Mural Project.



Kerstin has worked in the marketing and communications industries in Wyoming and Colorado since 2005. Throughout her career, she has worked with an array of product and service companies in the medical, construction, research, property management, sport/recreation, and health and beauty industries. Kerstin’s passion is working with businesses to create smart strategy that guides effective implementation. Her expertise includes strategy development, content writing and management, print and web design, search strategy and best practices, and public and media relations. Kerstin’s B.A. is in Journalism and Communications with an Emphasis in Public Relations and Speech Communication and a Minor in English from Iowa State University.


Jessi Sawdon |


Extensive work in content creation and education in web development pushed Jessi to move into the marketing and communication industry. Jessi’s passion is working with clients to create a custom program that suits their needs. Jessi’s expertise includes content creation and management, analytics measurement, web design and maintenance, and social media strategy and implementation. Jessi’s A.A. is in Human Communication from Casper College. Jessi was a legal secretary for 15 years prior to joining the LUM Studio Team as Marketing Coordinator.

Jes Stanbury |


Prior to joining LUM Studio, Jes spent almost six years in the nonprofit sector developing and monitoring the volunteer referral/match component of ServeWyoming. Her background also includes communication instruction at the community college and University level, plus, a background in institutional communications and institutional marketing. Through these experiences, Jes developed a passion for marketing communications, design, and public relations. Jes’ expertise includes program development and management, creating written and visual content, and public relations. Jes’ B.S. is in Communication, with a Minor in Marketing Communication. She received her Master’s in Communication (M.A.) from the University of Wyoming in 2011. Jes currently serves as the chair of the Wyoming Nonprofit Network Board.


Julie Schmitt |

Account Coordinator

Bringing together her passions for creativity and organization, Julie works hard to help clients reach new heights in their marketing. Julie’s expertise includes social media strategy, written and visual content creation, video editing, and public relations. Prior to joining LUM Studio, Julie was the Marketing Manager at David Street Station. Her background also includes experience in the non-profit and higher education sectors. Julie has a B.S. in Communication, Emphasis in Public Relations and a Minor in Graphic Design from Saint Cloud State University. Julie actively volunteers with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and K-9 Caring Angels.

Marissa Brammer |

Account Coordinator

Prior to joining LŪM, Marissa spent seven years in the banking industry working with clients while attending school. During this time Marissa developed a passion for working with people and recognizing their needs and wants. Marissa’s communications skills blossomed after spending time as a public relations and marketing intern for a small business. This experience allowed her to truly uncover her passion for marketing and working with clients. Marissa’s expertise includes social media management, content creation and management, editing, and professional and creative writing for all forms of media including social, website, print, media announcements, and more. Marissa’s B.S. is in Marketing from the University of Wyoming, with an additional A.S. in Business Administration from Casper College.

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Jenni Milner |

Operations Manager

Serving people has always been at the center of Jenni’s professional career path.  Jenni joins LUM after 12 years in HR leadership roles in Hospitals and Industrial Construction.  Her desire to respond quickly to issues and provide timely effective solutions makes her a great “behind the scenes” fit for our team.   Having recently moved back to Casper, Jenni is looking forward to integrating her passion for people and serving others into the realm of Marketing and Communications.

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We are always on the lookout for new members of the team. If you like the sound of a flexible work environment that is dedicated to a positive work/life balance and share our values visit our careers page to submit your resume.


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Our community

LUM Studio is proud to call Wyoming home. It is where we choose to work, play and raise our families. We believe in Wyoming’s future and are dedicating to seeing her shine, which is why members of our team are involved with the following community organizations:


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