Client | CLS, INC.

How do you update a national brand to align with who they are as a business today and create a marketing and communications program that increases brand awareness, engagement, leads, customers and revenue?   

LUM Studio was hired by CLS, Inc. in January 2020 to initially provide branding and strategy services that would create and update a distinctive, consistent and aligned brand prior to launching ongoing marketing and communications services. CLS offers services, distribution, rentals, and sales for compression and custom equipment and parts. The purpose of the branding and strategy project, as well as ongoing services today, is to improve communication about the CLS story, products, service staff and organization in addition to increasing brand awareness, engagement, leads, customers and revenue. To begin, LUM held a strategy and concepting meeting to set the path for the effort. Messaging development; a brand auditupdates to design materials, including guidelines; photoshootsand website design and development were completed. These one-time services gave CLS a new look that felt more aligned with who they are as a business today and that better communicates value points and important information. To wrap up one-time services, LUM also developed the team’s ongoing strategy calendar that is utilized to communicate all ongoing efforts; completed a social media assessment of CLS’ existing platforms (Facebook and LinkedIn), updated information and images on these platforms and created an Instagram account; set up search engine marketing for monthly Google Ad campaigns; and organized and edited CLS’ existing e-mail list and developed templates for an e-mail program. LUM continues to work as an extension of CLS’ team providing strategy, concepting, design, website management, search engine optimization and search engine marketing, content development and management, social media management, e-mail marketing, media relations, and photography.  

As with most clients, LUM utilizes a monthly dashboard to report on efforts and prove success. In the months since LUM has been managing CLS’ social, LinkedIn followers have grown by 48%, Facebook by 55% and Instagram by 100%. Engagement on LinkedIn has increased by more than 1,000%, Facebook by 800% and Instagram by 89%. Additionally, referrals to the website from social have increased by 87%. LUM continues to monitor growth in other marketing and communications areas that have just launched.