Client | Medical Skin Care

How do you create a new identity for a brand housed within a larger, well-known company?

Medical Skin Care hired LUM Studio in the spring of 2020 to develop and design a new, clean and simple WordPress website for their company. The company existed on the primary company’s website as a standalone page. Information was difficult to find and it was unclear that Medical Skin Care was a separate business offering different services from the parent company. LUM's purpose was to design a user-friendly, easily navigable, and straightforward WordPress website that clearly branded Medical Skin Care and created a separation between companies.

LUM began by facilitating a strategy meeting to discuss and confirm goals, ensuring all team members were on the same page moving forward. Following the meeting, LUM developed site navigation and completed a content and photo inventory to direct Medical Skin Care on the assets needed to start the site design. Once all assets were provided by Medical Skin Care, LUM started Phase 1 of the website design and development. Our phased approach to website design and development reduces change and editing costs as well as expedites the schedule. Subsequently, LUM completed Phases 2 and 3 before making the site live in late July 2020.