Client | Natrona County Development Department

How do you help a municipal department update their permit packets to streamline the process while considering user understanding and legal requirements?  

The Natrona County Development Department (NCDD) hired LUM Studio in October 2019 to update their Building Permit packets to improve the permitting process for contractors and residents in need of residential, residential accessory, and commercial building permits.  

LUM studio began the updates following an in-depth strategy meeting, where we went through the permit process with the NCDD team. This meeting allowed us to get insight into frequent requests for clarification and confusion about the process and sequential steps in the commercial, residential, and accessory building process. LUM then took the necessary steps to clarify the process by eliminating extraneous information, adding visual cues to indicate required signatures, and more clearly defining required elements. Additionally, we added a Frequently Asked Questions document, a Flow Chart to visually represent the steps throughout the permitting process, and a Checklist to help applicants ensure they have the required documents in their packets, eliminating delays due to missed steps/information. To top it off, all forms, checklists, flow charts and FAQs received a fresh design and custom folder to keep all documents organized 

LUM Studio also prepared a survey assessment, intended for select contractors and/or residents. The survey asked users to assess the new process, identify any missing steps, and provide overall feedback on the updated packets. Our services also included a press release announcing the new permit packets as well as researching and organizing public outreach/education opportunities for NCDD to explain the importance of the permitting process and necessary requirements included in the updated packets.