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How do you help a virtual tourism company provide effective marketing support that improves their client’s results thus attracting more end users 

TravelStorysGPS is a Wyoming-based company that develops highly accessible, trusted technology for location-based organizations to create high-quality audio content about local places and travel routes. In December 2019, TravelStorys hired LUM Studio to provide strategies and make recommendations on how to help increase audio tour awareness and downloads for top priority clients.  

LUM Studio began with an initial strategy meeting to confirm one-time project goals and on-going services. Following the strategy meeting, LUM kicked off our one-time project services by reviewing TravelStorys’ current marketing checklist to identify missing gaps in efforts to grow their client’s tour downloads. This Client Checklist Audit also included recommendations for updating the checklist, plus ideas to streamline TravelStorys’ own client audit/check in process. This audit resulted in a more efficient marketing checklist and client check-in process to improve TravelStorys marketing support, ultimately personalizing it for their clients. 

Our one-time project services also included a top 10 Client Deep Dive where LUM Studio investigated the top 10 high priority client’s current marketing practices, specifically related to their TravelStory audio tour. This audit allowed us to make specific, tangible recommendations to improve TravelStorys marketing support, with the ultimate goal of increasing tour downloads for their clients.  

TravelStorys also hired LUM Studio to provide on-going strategy services via monthly strategy meetings with TravelStorys’ CEO and bi-monthly check in sessions with TravelStorys Marketing Coordinator. In these meetings LUM provided insightstrategy, and feedback and recommendations on specific initiatives and client engagement tactics for the identified top priority clients as well as TravelStorys’ own marketing tactics, most often across social media.