Client | Wild Pony Coffee

Wild Pony Coffee Co. is a small gourmet coffee shop located within Hat Six Travel Center, a well-known, highly frequented truck stop off I-25.

How do you promote a little-known gourmet coffee hut within an established, well-known truck stop? 

Established in 2017, Wild Pony Coffee Co. hired LUM Studio to develop marketing materials to be utilized on and off-site, to develop brand awareness, communicate important business information such as location and hours, highlight their loyalty program, and showcase menu items.

Following a deep dive strategy meeting, we developed an overall concept, created content and designed the following materials: onsite directional signage (“Order Here” and “Pick Up Here”), three different gas pump topper designs, a large banner to hang on-site and at events, a two-sided bookmark hand-out, one full-page and one half-page ad to utilize in various publications, and an a-frame board/signicade to station at each on-site entrance. LUM Studio sourced materials/vendors and managed the print process and final delivery of all design materials

As part of our project services, LUM Studio coordinated and managed a product photo shoot and edited photos as needed throughout the design process. Wild Pony Coffee Co. received nearly 100, edited photos to be used in marketing materials created by LUM Studio and other marketing efforts managed by Wild Pony Coffee, such as social media.

As a result of our initial project work, Wild Pony Coffee Co. hired LUM Studio to design a billboard for I-25 to boost promotion of the hut.